Our On-going Response to COVID

Though COVID rates may rise or fall, we will continue to take steps to lessen the risks of exposure to each of us. This includes monitoring the guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other public health officials, limiting in-person counseling when infection rates are classified as moderate or high, and asking you to wear a mask when you are in common areas of the Center.

In-Person Counseling Sessions:   Currently, most of our therapists have returned to in-person counseling sessions while also offering services by phone or video. The decision to meet in person is made mutually between therapist and client. You are encouraged to confirm your coverage should you decide to continue telehealth counseling.

If or when you and your therapist decide to meet in-person, you will be asked to follow policy and procedures that we have developed to minimize the risk of COVID infection.  Your therapist will discuss the procedures with you and you will be asked to sign an In-Person Informed Consent.

In-Person Testing & Assessments have also resumed.   Please contact Dr. Elissa McGovern if you are interested in scheduling an assessment.  She can be reached at 630-752-9750 x 35.

New clients are encouraged to go to Getting Started for first steps.

You can call our office with any questions you may have at 630-752-9750 or Contact us by email.