Intern Staff

Krista Marashli, MA

Life can often be difficult and hard to navigate, but I believe we all have the strength and resilience to live a more fulfilling life. Therapy can be a challenging yet rewarding process, as it entails deep self-reflection and open conversations. This is why I strive to take a warm and empathetic approach, so I may provide a space where you feel comfortable and supported as you work through life’s obstacles. You are the expert of your own experiences and, for that reason, I view therapy as a collaborative process where we work together to develop goals and a treatment plan that will be feasible for you.

My clinical interests include depression, anxiety, trauma, life transitions, stress, and women’s issues. I am open to working with individuals of all walks of life, as I will meet you where you are and walk with you to where you want to be. As your therapist, I will utilize various intervention approaches so I may cater our work to be the best fit for you. While working together, I may incorporate a systems approach to best understand your background and current concerns, as well as EFT, CBT, and ACT treatment strategies to promote your personal growth. Furthermore, I welcome conversations about faith and spirituality as I recognize the benefit they can bring to the treatment process.

As a therapist my main goal is to allow you to openly explore your thoughts and feelings without judgment, and to encourage and assist you in reaching your goals. I am honored to be a part of the team at CDPCC and to provide psychotherapy under the supervision of Dr. Pat Francis, OP.


630-752-9757 – direct
630-752-9750 ext. 571 



Doctor of Psychology, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, anticipated May 2026
Master of Arts, clinical psychology, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

David Tokkesdal, MA, LMFT


I am excited to administer psychological and neuro-psychological testing to children and adults for a variety of issues such as learning disabilities, social/emotional concerns, and career aptitude concerns. My goal is to provide compassionate care, a listening ear as you learn more about yourself, and resources that will allow you to be all you were made to be. I hope to establish a place for you where you can feel free to come as you are, be seen and heard, and grow into believing there is a hopeful tomorrow.

I am privileged to be able to work alongside the therapists and counselors at CDPCC this year (2023-2024) while training under the supervision of Dr. Elissa McGovern and Dr. Anna Ciampanelli.


630-791-4925  (direct)
630-752-9750, ext 251


Doctor of Psychology, Wheaton College anticipated May, 2027
Master of Arts, counseling psychology
, Bethel University, MN

Randall Vette, MPsy


As a therapist, I provide a space for the process of healing where you are free to develop your unique goals and explore the obstacles to those goals. I take an approach that focuses on building a strong relationship, fully understanding your story, and designing a treatment path that will bring you to your goal. We will lean into difficult questions to make sense of big emotions and work on building your strengths and values. I believe in bringing our therapeutic efforts into your life by implementing plans that will work for you.

My most recent training in psychology has incorporated spiritual and faith-based elements, and my past experience includes many years spent in pastoral formation and youth ministry. Coming from this background, I find myself especially interested in helping each person find meaning in their suffering and a higher purpose. As we develop therapeutic goals, I encourage the exploration of existential, spiritual, or religious matters to help us orient our efforts toward the change you desire.

I utilize a combination of styles in our work that is made to fit your needs. With empathy and understanding in our relationship, I will use psychodynamic strategies to help you achieve greater self-awareness, as well as ACT and CBT strategies to change mental patterns, and practical application to build change into daily life.

I especially enjoy providing therapeutic care for young adults and adolescents, and working on men’s issues. I am able to provide testing for those seeking psychological assessment, and can help treat anxiety, depression, PTSD, addictive patterns, low self-esteem, or stress in challenging life adjustments. Ultimately, my goal is to help you flourish in life and overcome any obstacles in the way. I am honored to serve in this way as part of the CDPCC team under the supervision of Dr. Ann Letourneau.

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Doctor of Psychology, Divine Mercy University, anticipated May 2024
Master of Clinical Psychology
, Divine Mercy University
Bachelor of Arts, philosophy, St. Mary’s University of Minnesota