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Curtis Beeman, MA


I have a genuine interest in people and a desire to understand where they are coming from without passing judgment. This means that I am interested in people’s stories and victories—as well as their struggles.  I seek to meet people where they are.

While serving multiple churches, I worked with those who were struggling in order to provide emotional and spiritual support. Eventually, my desire to help others culminated in the pursuit of a psychology degree.

My ultimate goal in the therapeutic space is to create an environment that is accepting, genuine, and empathetic.  As a therapist,  I seek to build a relationship with you that nurtures healing and growth. I often draw upon person-centered therapy as I work with those struggling from a variety of issues including anxiety and depression.  I am open to exploring spiritual issues and bring faith into our work together if you so choose.

I am honored to join the CDPCC team while serving under the supervision of Dr. Patricia Francis, O.P.  I am available for individual, family, adolescent and couples therapy.


630-752-9750 ext 20



Master of Arts degree in clinical psychology, Wheaton College
Master of Christian Ministry degree, Wayland Baptist University

Alani Mason-Callaway, MA

I strive to make therapy a fun and engaging safe haven for children and adolescents to explore and process their thoughts and emotions. My goal is to create a safe and welcoming environment for children and adolescents coping with a variety of issues, including anxiety, depression, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and oppositional behavior. I currently work in ministry with youth ages 5-17. In addition to my ministry work with younger children, I have guided adolescents through identity formation and issues surrounding cross-cultural adoption. My therapeutic areas of interest include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Play Therapy.

I am delighted to join the Center for a therapy practicum while working under the supervision of Dr. Elissa McGovern for the 2020-2021 training year.


MA in clinical psychology, Wheaton College
MA in counseling, American University, Washington DC

630-752-9750 ext. 33


Courtney Chapin, MA

Sometimes we find ourselves caught in the storms of life and are unsure of where to turn. Since seeking counseling services may be intimidating, I invite individuals to engage in the therapeutic process as they are comfortable. Counseling is a collaborative and relational process in which I tailor my approach based on each individual’s needs and desires.

My clinical interests include mood disorders, trauma, grief, divorce, existential issues, and religious or spiritual issues. I am completing a theology degree at Westminster Theological Seminary, and I enjoy integrating faith in the counseling process when invited by the client. Religion and spirituality are often intertwined with symptoms we experience and are essential to the healing process.

I am honored to have the opportunity to provide services as a CDPCC intern as part of the Chicago Area Christian Training Consortium (CACTC) while working under the supervision of Dr. Nancy Cochran for the 2020-2021 training year.

630-752-9750 ext 25



PsyD candidate, clinical psychology program, George Fox University, OR
MA clinical psychology, George Fox University, OR
BA psychology, Whitworth University, WA

Abigayle Craigg, MA

As a clinician, my primary goal is to promote thriving – both through assessments and through therapy. I seek to provide compassionate and skilled care to my clients. Through assessment, I work with you and your family, when appropriate, to identify challenges and devise strategies to overcome those challenges. In therapy, I walk with you through your dark and light days, always with the goal of increased empowerment and resilience.

I am able to provide psychological and psychoeducational assessments with the goal of understanding and addressing the challenges you face. As we discover the challenges you face – perhaps ADHD, a mood disorder, or learning disorder – I work with you to devise strategies that will help ease the burden and improve functioning. In therapy, my style is primarily relational. Through our work together, I seek to empower you to identify and take on the obstacles you face in your daily life.

I provide clinical services for depression, anxiety, and relational distress for clients throughout the lifespan. I love working with children as they learn to manage their emotions and relationships with family and friends. Additionally, I am passionate about working with emerging adults as they navigate such a difficult and dynamic stage of life. It is my privilege to create the safety in therapy for my clients to be entirely themselves and, in doing so, we walk together toward healing and resilience. 


PhD candidate, Fuller Graduate School of Psychology, CA
MA in psychology, Fuller Graduate School of Psychology, CA
MA in Theology, Fuller Theological Seminary, CA

630-752-9750 ext 30

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